- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and allows tourists or visitors to move freely during their entire visit.

- Guide ability to speak to their group as if the group was an arms length away - communication over distances 80 meters open field.

- Devices used are designed to help people with hearing loss improve their auditory access in difficult and large area listening situations. 

Improve your tours. With a wireless tour system from Tour Guide Solutions, your guide can speak comfortably without shouting or distracting others nearby. Meanwhile, visitors enjoy a better experience—no more confusion or straining to understand.
With our lightweight audio guide systems, you can count on crisp, clear sound performance. Overcome noise and distance issues and make sure your message is heard. Tour guides will connect and interact with guests like never before. Choose a one-way tour system from Tour Guide Solutions for factory tours, trade shows, and cultural trips. Or maximize the conversation with two-way tour headsets designed for interactive experiences and collaborative teams
Why tour guide systems? Many of us have experienced frustration trying to hear and understand our tour guides from afar. Tour groups often have a hard time hearing their guide. And tour guides, communicating with their groups, often have no alternative but to raise their voices to be heard.
Introducing a better way to provide tours for your groups. Our tour guide system is an easy-to-use wireless communication system designed specifically for guides and groups.