The experience of visiting a museum, exhibition, world heritage & historical site or even a factory tour is more valuable if we are guided properly. We took into consideration the affective aspects of this guidance in order to model and implement a personal affective and context-aware electronic guide. As the emotional states experienced by the visitors are very different and diverse, we propose considering engagement as an indirect measure of the emotion intensity felt by the visitor. We examine three levels of engagement: unengaged (detached), engage-able, and engaged. The next step is to respond to the different categories of engagement in order to scaffold the visitor to the highest level of engagement that is, for a beginner, the engagement with the artistic part using appropriate recommendation, because our aim is to deliver compelling stories that capture visitor's attention, creating the long-term bonds that turn them into loyal, repeat visitors. Audio International's team are constantly seeking and utilizing the latest technologies to enhance site's reputation and drive visitors. We provide a series of products for audio guide and conference applications, which have been widely applied to conferences, museums and world heritage spots. The following is the typical applications of our mainstream products.